GoBiz XL Service

Get your service people to the right place at the right time, securely manage customer information online, eliminate paperwork, improve customer service, simplify billing and more.

Your business will run better with GoBiz XL Service:

All You Need to Know

  • Specifies the most appropriate person according to skill, geography, availability and customer preference.
  • Streamlines scheduling and boosts productivity with job-associated contact information at your fingertips.
  • Information accessed through the skill database for categorizing technician skills and customer call requirements; or by zone for closest work location to customer.
  • Dispatchers can easily access information for new service requests while monitoring given assignments.
  • Dispatcher’s Home Page tracks all service call information in a concise, precise format. Change information with simple drag and drop ease.
  • Dispatchers release Work Order Reports associated to a specific location from the customer’s record.  Work orders can also be viewed by technician.
  • Unconfirmed calls are highlighted in red to alert dispatcher for back-up support within 48 hours.
  • Service personnel can accept or reject a call and enter reason for rejection.  Call is automatically set to unassigned and viewable by dispatcher, freeing up technician’s availability for future assignments.
  • Identifies where service excels and where improvements are needed by company, individual, or by service.
  • Streamlines your billing process by providing detailed information on materials used, parts replaced and labor for each service call.  Parts are automatically deducted from inventory.  Invoices are routed to Accounting.
  • Service people can generate and update orders from the field; provide customer invoices, or receipts as needed. 
  • Service people can plan their schedules one week to months in advance, and know where they are going day-to-day, hour by hour, to minimize driving time and fuel usage.
  • Dispatchers can schedule service calls by zone, identifying the shortest distances by destination to economize on wear-and-tear of equipment, driving time, and fuel.
  • All taxes on service and parts are calculated appropriately.


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