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  How Are You Trying To Sell Your Lawn Care Services?
How Are You Trying To Sell Your Lawn Care Services?
by Patrick Cash
Are You Selling Lawn Care or Free Time?

I’ve tried many different angles to sell lawn care to people. Cheap lawn care, the best lawn care, etc. You name it and at one time or another I have probably tried it.

Do you know what I’ve found to work best of all? When I stop selling lawn care. What? Have you lost your mind you say? I’m in the lawn care business.

Hear me out… When I stopped selling lawn care and started selling the REASON people get lawn care I had a lot easier time making the sale. I started selling “go golfing time”, “free time up to go fishing” or “go play tennis time” I had a lot better luck making the sale.

Most people, as funny as it sounds, don’t care for about lawn care. What they really care about being able to go play golf, playing tennis, going fishing, going shopping, or even just sitting on their rear ends watching television. i.e. – doing the things they wanted to be doing with their free time.

When you put it to them that way, more people are willing to listen!

Don’t believe me? Ask some of your customers now.

I’m willing to bet most of them have you do their lawns not because they can’t do it themselves, but because it frees their time up to do other things.

Once you can figure out what those “things” are they had rather be doing you’ll have a pretty easy time selling them on the idea.

I’ve started doing more and more of my advertising to be geared toward this way of thinking.

I have advertising materials that stress tennis, shipping, golf, etc in stead of me mowing your grass for you.

If I’m trying to target an area of homes that are on a lake or river I use the fishing related advertising. If I’m in a gated golf community I use the golf ones.

I do my best to gear my advertising toward the hobby or what I’m pretty sure the people in the area had rather be doing.

Do you know what? It works better than other kinds of ads we’ve tried! I think the reason is it really falls in line with the way people think.

It probably even applies to you and your business!

If you bought a new mower for your lawn care business you’re really buying a way to cut faster and make more money.

When you start thinking like this, it’s kind of funny to figure out what people are really buying!

Give this way of thinking a try in your lawn care business. It might give you an edge over your competitor who is just trying to sell plain old lawn care!

For more info on starting and running your own successful lawn care business please visit our site at http://lawncare-business.com

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