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  Refinishing Hardwood Floors
Refinishing Hardwood Floors
by Marcus Peterson

The quality of the wear layer determines frequency of refinishing of hardwood floors. Poor quality products can not withstand being refinished even once. The thicker the wear layer, the more refinishing it can withstand. Good quality engineered flooring can be refinished two or three times depending on subfloors smoothness and experience of refinisher.

Refinishing a hardwood floor is a time consuming process and requires the proper techniques, tools and patience for the best results. The process consists of three stages: sanding, staining and finishing. You can rent a floor sander from a home improvement store or flooring company. It is a heavy equipment you may need assistance in using it. Remove any nails, staples or tacks from the floor to prevent tearing the sand paper. Use 20 grit sandpaper in the sander. Make sure that sander follows wood grain direction instead of across the grain. If the machine is switched on, it should not remain static. After sanding entire floor, replace 20 grit sandpaper with 100 grit paper to remove lines and scratches on the floor. The room should be well ventilated while sanding, and it is important to wear a dust mask.

After sanding, you may either stain your floor it or leave as it is. Sweep sawdust after sanding is completed. Fine dust can be removed with shop vacuum. If you choose to stain your floor, apply stain in the corner to see whether it is of your choice or not. With the help of brush apply stain in the room. Then you can even it with rag. If required, coat once more after the first coat dries. Let the floor dry completely. Then go for the finish. Work area should be ventilated properly as vapors in the finish are harmful to your health. Mix the finish well in the container. Use a brush or roller to apply the finish. Drying may take over three hours. Apply second coat which should be left and least overnight, and up to three days, for drying.

Refinishing is a means to increase durability of the floor and enhance its appearance, and is a three-stage process of sanding, staining, and finishing.

Hard Wood Floors provides detailed information on installing, cleaning and refinishing various types of hardwood floors, including engineered, solid, long-strip, exotic, pre-finished, and cheap hardwood floors. Hard Wood Floors is the sister site of Bamboo Flooring Web.

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